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JV Boys Volleyball complete a successful season!

This JV Boys Volleyball team was a small close knit group of committed players ranging from grade 9 through to grade 12. Early in the season each player committed to a specific role and worked hard to improve their basic skills in order to help the team move forward. The boys had success throughout the season!

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Varsity Girls Volleyball Season Success!

They Battled and pulled off a 2-1 win against the host school in front of a big hometown crowd! This was certainly one of the highlights of our girls season but not the only one from this tournaments.

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U13 Boys Football final posting

During the final regular season match against the British School, the team was starting to implement some of the skills that they had been working on in practice, and although they narrowly lost the match, their performance was encouraging and served as good preparation for the end of season ISAC tournament.

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