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HS Gym
Loss 17-25

In their second game of the season, and with only 1 short practice since their last game, the team hosted BSB who came out with a 1/2-court man-to-man trap right from the tip-off. Having never seen this before, it caused some trouble for the Tigers early on, but their persistence and patience paved the way for a strong comeback. Even though their efforts ended in a loss, the teamwork and potential they demonstrated - not to mention the defensive tenacity throughout the second 1/2 - are great signs of even greater things to come.

HS Gym
Loss 10-48

After only a few scattered practices to start the season, the JV Girls did their best to tackle the older and well-oiled machine that was the team from DSP. Strong improvement was shown even in the short amount of time for this one game as they held the opposition to increasingly fewer points each quarter and generated more chances for themselves at the same time. It was a hard-fought loss in which lots was learned!

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs SASPD
Loss 0 - 0 loss 5 - 4 shootout

Consolation Final again we played a beautiful game but don't find the back of the opponents net during regulation game time. The shootout is close but again luck is not on our side.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs SASPX
Loss 0 - 0 loss 5-4 shootout

The SemiFinal against SASPX. Another great effort by our boys with speed and control but in the end we can't put a ball in the net before regulation time ends. During the shootout it all came down to luck... no luck on our side today.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs CISS
Win 3 - 0

Our host school, Concordia, put up a fight. We played our best football thus far with speed and control.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs SASPD
Tie 1 - 1

A challenging game with a team that has both talented players and good team work. Both teams struggled to create scoring opportunities and in the end the score reflected a true battle of wills and passion for the game of soccer.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs SASPX
Win 1 - 0

A tough game with fast agile opponents, in particular two Brazilian players with great ball handing skills. This was an example how one or two players can't win a game. We played as a team and shut down the opponents key players to overcome the challenge victorious.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs ISB
Win 1 - 0

We played well with a new formation. ISB played hard but we kept control and possession of the ball for the majority of game time. The score can't reflect our dominance and control but does indicate a need to practice finishing as we had many attempts to score but at the end of game play we only put one ball in the opponents goal.

JPAC Soccer Tournament @ CISS Vs HKIS
Loss 7 - 0

A tough loss to a strong team that will finish as champions at the tournament. Our team played hard but we learned the importance of perseverance and to keep our calm and modify our game play accordingly.


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