Elementary School WABX Program

Elementary School students may choose to participate in the following:

  • Choir and Band (full year commitment)
  • Swim Team
  • After School Activity Program (three eight-week sessions per year)
  • Home Language Classes – offers vary from year to year
  • Open Library until 5:00pm daily for Grades 3, 4, 5
  • Social activities including movie nights and discos
  • Instrumental Music lessons in strings, woodwind, brass (full year commitment)

Information is sent home regularly outlining activities. Parents may also contact relevant school personnel for specific information:

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After-School Activities (ASA) - GRADES 1-5

An after-school activity (ASA) program runs three days a week for three blocks per year and offers an opportunity for students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 to select a variety of activities under six main categories: Arts, Information Communication Technology, Environment, Dance, Sports, and Chinese Cultural Activities. A full ASA program brochure and registration survey is sent home prior to each block outlining dates and asking students to select and register for the upcoming program. Paper Confirmations are sent home to students notifying parents of what ASA's students were enrolled in.

The Olympic Dream Series

The Olympic Dream Series (ODS) is a sporting program run at WAB for students in Grades 2-5. The aims of this program are many. The ODS offers these WAB students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports with children in the same grade, during lunchtimes. In addition to this, the ODS provides students with a chance to increase their levels of physical activity and be exposed to a variety of sports they may not participate in on a regular basis.

Students, who choose to participate in any of the Olympic Dream Series events, earn “I Did It” band for each sport. Depending on the number of bands a student has at the completion of the school year, students are rewarded for their participation, receiving a gold, silver or bronze WAB Olympic Dream Series medal.

The calendar for the Olympic Dream Series program is set at the beginning of the year. Students can only participate on these dates with their year level. Unfortunately exceptions can not be made to cater for illnesses, absences or other reasons. There may be situations whereby the scheduled date of an event is changed. Students need to be available to meet any change of dates if they wish to participate.

Lunch Time Sports Program

In addition to the Olympic Dream Series, the Lunchtime Sports program at WAB is another avenue through which additional sporting opportunities are offered to the students. A variety of sports are played at different times during the year for different grade levels. Some lunchtimes are used to prepare teams for the ISAC competition which WAB competes in while other sports are offered so children can play in a friendly, structured environment.

Interschool Sports

Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in a series of interschool sports tournaments. Sports tournaments involve from four to fourteen schools and may include soccer, cross country, table tennis, handball, badminton and track and field. All events have a coaching lead-up period usually conducted as part of the Lunchtime Sports Program.

Junior Tigersharks Swim Team

Elementary students from Grade 1-5 can choose to join the WAB Junior Tigersharks Competitive Swim Team. The swim season is divided into three seasons. The commitment asked of the swimmers differs each season. During the seasons, a number of meets, both in-house and with other international schools in Beijing, are scheduled for interested students. There will also be opportunities for some students to attend competitions outside of the Beijing area, including International meets.

Instrumental Music

Weekly instrumental instruction on a wide variety of instruments is offered. Lessons are offered after school. There is an additional fee for the Instrumental Program. The year’s program consists of 26 30-minute lessons. All lessons are individual, as it is believed that students benefit most from a 1:1 teaching and learning situation. Once a student’s place in the program is confirmed, all fees must be paid in full prior to the first lesson. Lesson books are included in the fee.

This program requires a full year commitment and has a performance component through recitals or ensemble concerts. Students are encouraged to perform in order to give their learning a purpose and give them a chance to be a risk-taker!

It is suggested that parents not wishing or unable to follow through on these commitments, seek out private lessons as a more suitable alternative for the needs of their child and family. The Instrumental Music Coordinator can help with these arrangements.

All students will need to have (or to purchase) their own instrument to enable them to practice during the week. The Instrumental Music Coordinator can assist in the selection and purchase of any instrument if help is required.


There are many ensemble opportunities here at WAB for ES students who play musical instruments. There are strings ensembles that include the instruments violin, viola, cello and double bass. There are wind ensembles or bands that include instruments such as flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba or xylophone. If interested in starting and learning a new instrument or if you already play, we have a group for you!