High School WABX Program

The High School WABX Activities Program seeks to provide a range of interesting activities that provide enriching experiences and challenges to broaden student perspectives and knowledge as well as promote active and positive lifestyle choices. High School students may participate in a range of clubs, sports, arts, and other activities taking place before school, at lunchtimes, after school, on weekends and on holidays.

The activities on offer aim to provide opportunities for development of leadership skills while encouraging students to expand their social group interaction. WAB is a member of ISAC, ACAMIS and APAC, which provide a wide range of opportunities for different levels of competition as well as opportunities to develop collaborative friendships throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

WAB encourages students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them within the WABX activities programs. We do not encourage students to specialize in only one activity, but rather to experience a variety of activities and challenges. A wide range of experiences helps students prepare for the future in this ever-changing world. Success in life today requires more than high intellect. Thus, college recruiters commonly examine student candidates’ extra curricular activities in search of well-rounded, emotionally intelligent, and interpersonally skilled students.

While we encourage all students to participate in our extensive range of activities, it is essential that the planning of such participation include consideration of a realistic balance and time management. Over-exertion or over-commitment can have an adverse effect.

There are 4 activities seasons during the course of the year. The dates for these seasons are based on the competitive sports seasons for High School students.

Season 1 August/September/October

Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Cross Country, Gymnastics and Golf.

Season 2 November/December/January/ February

Basketball, Table Tennis, and Swimming.

Season 3 February/March/April

Track and Field, Swimming, Tennis, Softball, and Soccer.

Season 4 April/May/June

U.15 Rugby, Season 1 Pre-Season Training.

Other activities in which there are opportunities to represent WAB include Choir, String Orchestra, Band, Theatre, Dance, Forensics (Public Speaking), Eco-Car Challenge, World Scholars Cup, ISMCS, Model United Nations and ACAMIS Maths Competitions.