Middle School WABX Program


WABX provides extension and enrichment activities for students to explore and extend areas of interest.

After-School Activities

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

ASA bus service at 4:30pm departs from the ES Monday-Thursday.

A limited late bus service is provided at 5:45pm and departs from the HUB carpark.

Four ASA blocks are offered during the year, corresponding with the sports seasons:

  • Season 1 is 7 weeks
  • Season 2 is 10 weeks
  • Season 3 is 10 weeks
  • Season 4 is 6 weeks

Students may register to participate in activities provided by teachers and community members on any or each day of each block. Through homeroom and Personal Social Education (PSE) students are encouraged to develop a balanced program that also allows time for homework and free time.

Students register for activities online from this site. Once a student signs up for an activity for a season they are expected to complete the season. However if they find the activity is really not for them, or they have taken on to many commitments, then they can visit the WABX Office in the HUB Building to withdraw from an activity. Additionally if a student missed the start of an activity, they can still apply to join an activity mid season where there is still room available for new students to join.

Activities commence progressively after the first week of school, with all sporting teams commencing training in week 2.

Examples of Activities include:

  • Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby
  • Table Tennis, Tennis, Badminton
  • Swimming, Track and Field, Rock
  • Climbing, Martial Arts
  • MS Drama Production
  • Instrumental Music, Dance
  • Choirs
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Art Programs
  • Roots and Shoots Club

Middle School Interschool Sporting Teams ‘WAB Tigers’ – Grades 6, 7, 8

MS Students can choose to join sporting teams that also participate in the ISAC Beijing / Tianjin Sporting Competition that provides the following annual seasons:

Season 1 August/September/October

Grade 6/7/8 Soccer, Badminton, Swimming and Cross Country

Season 2 November/December/January/ February

Grade 6/7/8 Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Swimming

Season 3 February/March/April

Grade 6/7/8 Basketball, Track and Field, Swimming and Tennis

Season 4 April/May/June

Grade 6/7/8 Rugby, Tennis and Softball

Grade 6 students wishing to join soccer, volleyball or basketball teams must commit to a minimum of 1 night of training per week plus an end-of-season Saturday carnival event. During the season, games are held between WAB and other international schools in Beijing.

Grade 7/8 students wishing to join a sporting team must be prepared to fully participate in extended practice sessions and games twice per week - each Tuesday and Thursday until 5:30pm. Games are held between WAB and other International schools in Beijing. Grade 7/8 students play one Saturday exchange and one end-of season tournament (possibly in Tianjin) per season. Sports team sign-ups occur in week one, and the first games commence on the first full week of September for MS teams. A limited late bus service operates at 5:45pm. Full information is provided at the beginning of the school year.

MS Choir, MSHS Orchestra and MSHS Band

Students may select Choir, Orchestra or Band but must have a full-year commitment to these activities including an extended after-school (until 5:30pm) practice session each week, and participate in special performance events through the year on evenings and weekends (e.g. Parent Link Fun Fair). Full information will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

Global Citizenship

Middle School students tend to be very conscious of society and their place within it, and are keen for opportunities to influence their environment positively. Global Citizenship (GC) at WAB is more than just acknowledging that we are global citizens, it is about understanding our responsibilities. GC is an awareness of the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and to have the drive and power to work actively to do so. Everything we do is guided by our mission to connect, inspire, challenge and make a difference.

WABX Events

Special events outside of the activities program or interschool sports program may occur during the course of the year such as events with other organizations, visiting celebrities, or best of all, events showcasing our own stars such as WAB Idol.

For inquiries, contact:

WABX Reception


Tel: 5986 5588 Ext: 1904

Other Opportunities

WAB also works closely with outside groups to ensure a range of additional extracurricular activities is available and operate within the WAB campus. These activities incur a fee and also involve students from other international and Chinese schools. For more information please look at our Opportunities page.