JV Girls Basketball Team Cap Off Season With JPAC Bronze!
JV Girls Basketball Team Cap Off Season With JPAC Bronze!

The JV Girls' Basketball Team have come a long way from the last try-outs that started the season to the high-intensity competition of the first ever JPAC basketball championships that ended the season.The hard work and sharp learning curve this team has endured was put to the test against the likes of HKIS, SASPD, SASPX, CISS and ISB.Each match was a new test, as the team went toe-to-toe with skilled and experienced teams.

The girls started the tournament strong with a surprise 12-7 win against an aggressive SASPD.The team faced a barrage of shots but managed to organize their defence and hang on for the win. The scoring for the Lady Tigers was balanced among guards Bethany H., Maha A., Yves T. and forward Rebeca N.

SASPX was up next and our JV girls' stepped up their game and denied the opposition many quality scoring chances. Co-captain Bethany H. racked up a game high 8 points, while rookie Simona C. notched her first basket of the tournament. SASPX ran every passing play they had but were met with precision, stand-up defence, allowing our team to challenge this basketball powerhouse for the win. But the momentum shifted in one play in the fourth quarter and SASPX snuck away with a 17-22 win.

The CISS and HKIS matches featured more solid defence from forwards Ariel W., co-captain Harmony C. and Eva W.Guard Melody T. found her scoring touch as Ivy W., Melody C. and Victoria T. added some much needed offence and passing.The Lady Tigers held the competition close, posting tight losses to both CISS (15-26) and HKIS (14-18). The girls saved the excitement for their last pool game against ISB. This match was the key to the play-offs for WAB but ISB would not give up without a fight. In a true test of will and determination, the momentum shifted several times leading up to the final seconds of the match. The Lady Tigers won a key possession and held on for a thrilling 10-9 win, putting them in the semi-finals.

With the energy tanks getting low, the JV girls suited up for a difficult re-match against a confident CISS.But the Lady Tigers were set to prove that they were here to compete.They came out strong, playing the best defence of their season which put CISS on its heels. The quick feet and aggressive press defence of our JV team put the top CISS players into early foul trouble. But a few missed box-out and rebound opportunities gave the opposition the window they needed to take lead and close out the game 16-21.

The Lady Tigers were disappointed to miss the finals but were eager to make the podium in the bronze medal re-match against HKIS. The girls needed to dig deep and look to each other for support as they set out to topple a strong and experienced opponent.The match was tight and featured the Lady Tigers signature hard-hitting defence, which slowly unraveled HKIS' nerves and led them to rack up the fouls.Our team took advantage of the opposition's sliding focus and drove aggressively to the net, drawing fouls and draining free-throws.As the clock ticked down the final seconds, the girls maintained their focus and rolled on to a satisfying 14-12 bronze medal victory!The team was thrilled with the win and the chance to give graduating captain Bethany H. a sweet going away present! GO TIGERS!