HS Girls Volleyball 2020-21

HS Girls Volleyball 2020-21


It goes without saying that this year has been different. When we started this year, there was a lot of uncertainty and questions about how the season would start proceed and end. What we asked of the students was to trust the process, play for the love of the game, and get better for your teammates. The Program Spent much of the time training together, mentoring, and earning from each other. The first few weeks showed much potential and with a strong group of 20 freshmen (Grade 9’s), the group worked hard to help each other grow.

We are super grateful and excited to coach these athletes. Some started with us, others returned to us later in the season, or even still on their way back. We had many returning members to our program and some giving the sport a try, no matter the reason they all showed commitment throughout the season. Their participation and being a part of our family has been very important to us

Melody L, Dalia B, Vicky L, Christine Y, Aaliyah W, Naomi W, Natalie C, Isabelle Y, Annabel T, Marcy L, Sally Z, Emily Z, Mara B, Vania W, Lisa Y, Amelia L, Melody T, Amelia C, Winnie T, Scarlett B, Liz P, Tiffany S, Iris L, Debra L, Rylie X, Seowoo P, Mikayla W, EvaY, Sofia de W, Alex A, Lily D, Jadyn G, Emily R, Diana R, Katie C, Barbara Z, Clara K, Hannah G, Eliza B, Elvira M, Sawa I, Victoria T, Anna B, Stella de W, Sophia H, Polly L. Nancy Z (Team Manager)

One thing that was lacking this year was a game experience and opportunity to play in matches. We were able to organize a couple of staff vs student games and some coed matches between the boy’s and girl’s programs. The games were exciting and definitely showed some great skills the athletes have picked up. We also organized a Grin to Win festival which showcased a coed grass volleyball tournament that had over 80 Participants. While the competition started off with some hesitation the athletes quickly got into the excitement and with the help of the students, the game atmosphere was intense and the matches were exciting to watch.


“Being an athlete is not who you are it is only a part of who you are, it doesn't define you, only gives you the chance to show who you are”, (T. Levskevych, Former USA Woman’s National Team Coach). Every student-athlete That was here from the beginning of the season, joined halfway, or just stayed engaged online training, showed their character. The coaches were very proud of all our athletes, of their commitment to themselves and the program. What a year to have worked with these student-athletes, you made this season amazing! Special thanks to our Seniors Eliza B, Iris L, Melody T, Natalie C, Rylie X, Sofia d W, and Victoria T,


Coaches Mengya, May, Caleb

Assistant intern Coaches Chloe, Maddy