Mixed Touch Rugby Season 1 2020

This season was unique and challenging in many ways, due largely to factors and restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the disappointments that arose as a result of this situation, including the inability to offer contact rugby this season, the cancellation of APAC and the lack of any competition games with outside teams, we saw a pleasing number of students take advantage of the opportunity to join the Touch Rugby programme. A high percentage of participants were new to rugby entirely and they, along with returning players from previous seasons, enjoyed the chance to develop their knowledge and skills related to this form of the game. As coaches, we were impressed with the athletes’ positive approach to the season, and the gains they made in terms of Touch Rugby skill development and game knowledge. The Grin to Win Festival of Sport and staff vs students game at our final training session were fun events to wrap up and celebrate our season together.

To our seniors and those players who are leaving WAB this year, we thank you for your contributions to WAB rugby and wish you all the very best as you embark on your next adventures. For those of you returning next year, we sincerely hope to see you back on the rugby pitch!


This year was my third year of rugby, and it was full of great memories. Although we couldn't play contact or compete against other schools, we made the most of the situation and had a good season. This season, I learned a lot about touch rugby. Firstly, that it requires a similar amount of stamina and conditioning as contact rugby does. It also requires quick decision making and good ball skills. Similarly to contact rugby, touch requires lots of teamwork and you need to have faith in your team to play well throughout the game. Although this is my last year of high school, I plan on continuing to play rugby in college as I have enjoyed my time on WAB's rugby team enormously.” Ronan Grade 12