U14 Girls Volleyball 2020-21

Posting 1

2020 has been a great opportunity for students to show their individual character and ability to adjust to difficult times. Like every athlete in every game, they must be constantly ready to adapt to their environment and situation they come across. The Coaches have been really excited to work with the students this year and even with the uncertainty, we were ready to give it our best shot.

Congratulations to the following students for showing great commitment and character during this time.

Alya A. Madilynne B, Grace B, Rosa B, Gloria C, Sienna D, Maja F, Alina F, Mar J, Luisa K, Kristina K, Elsa L, Alice L, Gaya M, Emilia P, Violet P, Deviana S, Ariana S, Isabel S, Cindy S, Anya T, Portia T, Tessa W, Tiffany W, and Diana Z

Posting 3

The teams have been split into two groups to focus on individual development. It is great to see both groups improved in the level which helps them best. The lack of organized games has made it more difficult to stay motivated, but we are lucky to still continue to train and organize games within our own program with the boys and grade 6's. The girls have recorded a split record with the boy's program which is amazing and evidence of their effort and focus during practices throughout the season.

Posting 3.

We got excited to the thought of having organized games against other schools in Beijing, but a second and third wave prevented all that. We were lucky enough to organize and play in the Winter Blast tournament after the CNY break. The girls finished both 1st places in divisions 1 and 2 of the tournament. In Division 2 the girls played a long game having sets play past the 25 points and each game was only won by two sets. The Division 1 team played a very balanced tournament which helped them win in a three-way tie against the grade 9 girls and U14 boys!

I really enjoyed the season and the players we got to work with, and I hope they continue to work hard, and I look forward to seeing them on the courts again!