Amazing ACAMIS Athletes
Amazing ACAMIS Athletes

The WAB Track and Field team did themselves and the school proud at this weekends ACAMIS meet hosted by ISB. Both High School and Middle School athletes excelled themselves to win 19 Gold, 15 Silver and 15 Bronze medals and break many ACAMIS records.

The medalists are as follows:

19 Gold: Kirsten (U15 LJ), Emilia (U19 200m), Leo (U15 200m), Emilia (U19 400mH), Leo (U15 LJ), MacKenzie (U15 SP), WAB Girls (U19 4x100m), WAB Girls (U15 4x100m), MacKenzie (U15 DT), Ing Xhu (U19 110mH), Emilia (U19 100mH), Elin (U15 100mH), Kirsten (U15 HJ), Emilia (U19 100m), Leo (U15 100m), Ing Xhuen (U15 400m), Venetia (U15 TJ), WAB Girls (U15 4x200m), WAB Girls (U19 4x200m)

15 Silver: Ing Xhu (U19 400mH), Tessa (U14 200mH), Ariel (U19 3000m), Ing Xhu (U19 200m), Ing Xhuen (U15 200m), Pablo (U15 800m), Annie (U15 HJ), Ing Xhu (U19 100m), Kirsten (U15 100m), Ing Xhuen (U15 100m), Alya (U15 TJ), WAB Boys (U15 4x200m), Leo (U15 TJ), Pablo (U15 1500m), WAB Girls (U19 4x400m)

10 Bronze:Alya (U15 LJ), Dora (U19 200m), Annie (U15 200m), Liz (U15 SP), Tiffany (U15 DT), Isabel (U15 100mH), Ariel (U19 800m), Kirsten (U15 TJ), Yan (U19 JT), Ariel (U19 1500m).

Congratulations WAB Track and Field.