Girls JV1 Volleyball Player's Reflection
Girls JV1 Volleyball Player's Reflection

My most memorable moment of this season was the final set of our game against HIS during ISAC, as each moment reminded me of the amount of work and experience we went through, and how the game differed so much from the times we've played them before. It was incredible to see the process we made within 2 short months, and how we were able to fight against one of our most difficult opponents.

- Julie Noens, Junior

A favorite moment of this season would have to be during JPAC when we were playing outside on the field after we had come last place. We laughed and bonding in ways we had never done before. We were proud of how we played despite our lose and were able to enjoy our last moments as a team.

- Harmony Charles, Freshman

My favorite memory was either our last game at ISAC or when we were outside the SAS field bonding and having fun - Elise Fitzgerald, Freshman