HS Badminton teams compete in ISAC and Tricities
HS Badminton teams compete in ISAC and Tricities

The WAB Badminton Varsity and JV teams competed in ISAC 2018 championships. Led by team captains Andy Lou and Jessica Xu the players have worked hard and inspire each other every training. The ISAC results reflect their training even with such a relatively young team. A week prior to ISAC they also competed in the Tricities tournament in Guangzhou. Stay tuned for more news from the WAB Badminton teams.

ISAC Badminton Results

Girls Doubles
1st Tatiana & Jessica WAB 2
3rd Melody & Elaine WAB 1

Boys Doubles:
1st - Andy Lou & Yuk Chuk Lam, WAB 1
2nd - Sun Woo Park & Jonathan Han, WAB2
3rd - Jimmy Kim & Justin Law, WAB 3

Boys Singles:
1st - Andy Lou, WAB

Tricities Results
Boys Singles
Andy 1st
Kanishk 3rd

Boys Doubles:
SunWoo Jonathan 2nd
Yuk Willie 3rd

Girls Singles-
Melody 3rd
Elaine 5th

Girls Doubles-
Tatiana Jessica-1st,
Winnie Sarah-4th

Jimmy Chloe1st
Chengwei Sophia 5th

Boys Team 1st
Girls team 2nd