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MS Cross Country Reports

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Inaugural Dragon Classic, pre-race

September 22, 2018

Many thanks and congratulations to the four WAB MS runners who took part in the inaugural Dragon Classic ISB Invitational on Saturday. Mia, Vicky, Evan and David all got their first taste of cross-country competition and, even tired, they seemed to really enjoy it.

Our next (and last) race of the year, the ISAC championships, will take place on the Saturday after our holiday: October 13, at 1pm. Due to construction at ISB, the venue has been changed to somewhere even better, namely the Tree Park where the Dragon Classic took place. This is your chance to race through a forest next to a river and maybe even in view of the mountains, right here in Beijing.

I expect all 12 of our MS runners to participate in this event. There will individual and team awards, not to mention the pride and joy of running as a pack.

Cooling down by the river after the Dragon Classic