MS Cross Country Season 1,2 & Write ups Summary
MS Cross Country Season 1,2 & Write ups Summary


On Saturday September 16th WAB held the annual Tiger Classic cross-country running event. This year invitations were extended to middle school students, in addition to the usual high school field.We had three participants enter the 3km race, all from grade 8. Oscar Shiel represented the boys while Jodi Yoon and Mercedes Minford represented the WAB girls. Other schools in attendance were the Canadian International School (CIS) and the International School of Beijing (ISB).

The course was set out around the school grounds amid the hoopla of the other events of WABX to the Max.Once the rugby players had cleared Tiger Field, runners gathered, as this storied field would be the location of both the starting and finishing lines. The rest of the course took runners around the elementary school grounds, up past the middle school and HUB and out to the dirt road behind the school. At the end of the road was the runners' turnaround, at which point they followed the same route back to the field.

All three WAB runners got off to a great start and led the pack. Oscar kept a consistent pace and held the lead throughout the entire race. Jodi came in 1st for the girls with a time of 14:41 and Mercedes arrived to the finish shortly after her.

Coach Mac and Coach McC were very pleased with the runners' performances for this, their first race of the 2017-18 season.


Our second and ultimate race of the season took place October 14, 2017 on the campus of ISB.At stake were the International Schools Activities Conference (ISAC) under-14 individual honors.A bigger field than anticipated turned out, with runners representing the old guard of schools plus the new kids on the block, Keystone Academy.The course was flat yet of varied terrains, including rubber track, synthetic turf, concrete, and an uneven, bubbly surface meandering through monkey bars.Prior to the course, the WAB runners studied its path and discussed strategy, agreeing to support one another with navigation.

Jodi Yoon and Mercedes Minford, both in grade 8, represented the WAB girls.In short, they finished 1st and 2nd place!We are so proud of Jodi and Mercedes for pushing each other to achieve this maximum accomplishment.They are proof that friendship and competition can enrich one another.

As for the WAB boys, another grade 8 student, Oscar Shiel, was accompanied by a grade 6 Spaniard named Pablo Zanstra-Sanchis.A grueling pace in less than ideal meteorological conditions caused Oscar to suffer from cramps, though he fought through them to finish in a respectable position. Just minutes earlier, with 400 meters to the finish line, Pablo and Mario of Keystone were neck and neck.A mere 100 meters from the tape, with the spectators inside Dragon Stadium on their feet, Pablo initiated a sprint that was outmatched only by Mario's.Nevertheless, the 2nd place finish for Pablo is one for the books.Considering Mario will be in high school next year, it places Pablo in pole position to vie for the under-14 crown next year.


The WAB MS cross-country season came to a close just before the weather took a turn for the cold. It also concluded with three International Schools Activities Conference (ISAC) individual awards.Grade 8 students Jodi Yoon and Mercedes Minford finished 1st and 2nd, respectively, in the girls' division at the under-14 conference championships hosted by ISB on October 14, 2017.A young WAB grade 6 student named Pablo Sanchis-Zanstra put his mark on the program with a 2nd place finish in the boys' race, outmatched only by an older student from Keystone Academy.Oscar Shiel experienced painful side cramps during the race but did not relent.He will join the HS cross-country team next year with much promise.A few other runners joined our practices from time to time over the course of the season but were not able to compete in the races.As Jodi, Mercedes and Oscar move up to the HS team next year, Coaches Brodie MacDonald and Michael McCarthy hope to replenish the team ranks.In August 2018, keep your eyes open for notices regarding the beginning of cross-country season and come out for a run with us. Once you get a taste of running in the wild, you just might like it.

2017-18 MS Cross-Country

Coaches:Brodie MacDonald and Michael McCarthy