MSHS Golf report
MSHS Golf report

In the beginning of the golf season, my job was to manage 70 students and make a new program for these students, we had to create 3 group training plans and help all these students to build the goals regarding their golf levels. By doing this, we had three groups:

- the advanced golfers (12)were grouped and stayed in Coach Peter's(PGA)class to improving on strategies and mentally.
- the Intermediate golfers (15)were in Coach David's (PGA)Class, focused on learning swing and body control
- the beginners (43) started golf this year, they had great chance to learn the basics, and many of these kids are willing to continue next year.

We won the first BISGL tournament and 2nd place as a team in ACAMIS, and that is quite big achievement for us, and everyone is looking forward to our next season.