U10 ISAC Handball
U10 ISAC Handball

After three weeks of practicing their handball skills during the lunchtimes, 3 WAB boys and 3 WAB girls' teams traveled to the German School to compete at the U10 ISAC Handball tournament. The WAB teams were very excited and were ready to compete against teams from Harrow, ISB, HOPE, Dulwich, BSB and The German School.

The boys played in the morning. WAB 2 and 3 played in Pool 1 and WAB 1, Pool 2. Five round games were played to see which teams would meet in the finals. WAB 2 successfully won 3 of their 5 games and WAB 3 fought hard and were able to draw against HOPE. WAB 1 won all 5 games and progressed to the semi-final. The semi-final against the German School was very close. Extra time was needed and a golden goal by the German School allowed them to win the game. WAB 1 then played in the 3/4th play off and won a very close match against Dulwich, taking home the bronze medal.

The girls came to The German School in the afternoon very eager to experience their first ISAC handball event. Again, WAB 2 and WAB 3 were placed in the same pool, with WAB 1 in the opposing pool. WAB 2 and WAB 3 were competitive against the other schools, with WAB 2 winning one game. WAB 3 had some close games. They became much more confident in the way they played as the afternoon went on. WAB 1 started slowly in their pool losing to ISB but then won the next 3 matches convincingly moving into the semi-finals. The semis were tight with the WAB team losing the first semi but then winning against BSB with a golden goal in extra time. Another bronze medal for WAB.

Congratulations to all the players.

WAB 1 Boys

Edouard, Jacob G, Jovan , Alex C, Hansaem, Jakob L, Soma, Ethan.

WAB 2 Boys

Eric L, Constantin, Ken, Louis, Christoffer, Justin, Emmett, Elliott.

WAB 3 Boys

Jeremy, David, Forest, Henry, Ben, Johan, Liam, Oliver, Ray.

WAB 1 Girls

Megan, Vanessa, Jessica Z, Jasmine, Julia, Sienna, Lina, Tessa, Issari.

WAB 2 Girls

Sofia, Yuki, Judy, Varia, Claudia L, Olivia, Alice, Michelle, Amelia.

WAB 3 Girls

Tiffany, Diane, Nina, Hannah, Linah, Isabel C, Amity, Emma C, Catherine.

It was a fantastic day out for players, parents and coaches. Thanks to Ms Watkins, Mr Watt, Mr B and Mr John for coaching the students.