Varsity Boys Soccer - Team Announcement
Varsity Boys Soccer - Team Announcement

The try-outs for Varsity Soccer were a cold and disrupted event this year. Between a holiday, Grade 12 mock exams and a cancelled friendly game it was very challenging to get a good look at all the players together. After an extended try-out period and some extra dedication over the holiday it was clear who the 18 players to represent WAB would be this year.

It is a pleasure to announce the 2018 Varsity Boys Soccer Team:

  • Isaac Christiansen
  • Noah Christiansen
  • Amory Gamet
  • Cameron Grigg
  • Malo Grinnell
  • Eerik Harju
  • Jason Hu
  • Oliver Hutchinson
  • Sweder Jacobs
  • Kai O'Shea
  • Peter Olsen
  • Torkel Saeverud
  • Tim Tegner
  • Victor Theisen
  • William Thoren
  • Sam van den Akker
  • Rodin van Hemert
  • Taisei Yokoshima

In the first weekend as a full squad we had a small round of friendly matches against ISB and BCIS. BCIS hosted a good event that had us playing 2 full length matches on Saturday afternoon. After a lot of work in training focused on composure, possession and passing the boys went to work against some strong competition. As always, the game against ISB was intense, with both schools working hard to secure the first win of the year. ISB scored first with a beautiful goal from a long distance. Our boys kept their heads up and found a way to put a messy goal away off of a corner in the final minute of play. A good start to being in the right place at the right time for Sweder Jacobs drawing us even and ending the match in a draw.

Our second match of the series was against the hosts BCIS. A well-organized team with a good level of skill they posed a strong challenge throughout the match. Tim Tegner scored early, but the early goal was quickly countered by BCIS scoring 2 of their own before half-time. Deep into the game Sweder Jacobs finished a brilliantly setup piece of passing that cut through the defense easily, bringing us to another draw at 2-2.

Although no wins, the focus of the series was preparation and practice of our systems. This started to come through in the second half against BCIS where our passing and fitness began to materialize, and our boys took control of the final 15 minutes.

This early series provided a glimpse of what this team is capable of, but more importantly provided a clear direction and focus for our training in the lead up to Tri-Cities.