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Varsity Girls' Rugby
Varsity Girls' Rugby

Rugby is a sport that relies on strong team bonds, trust, resilience and passion. This year's Varsity Girls' rugby team showed us all of these things in abundance! As we kicked off the season, more than half of the squad were completely new to the game, but what they lacked in knowledge and experience, they certainly made up for in commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

After only a few weeks of training, the girls came out strongly at Tiger Cup, winning both of their games against ISB, 15-5 and 20-0. Rosalyn impressed with her speed on attack, scoring 6 out of WAB's 7 tries in the tournament. Agnes' vision was also rewarded with a try on debut. It was an exciting start to the season, with every team member contributing to the success of the whole.

The season culminated with the recent APAC tournament hosted by ISB. With a 12-5 win over ISB and 3 hard fought losses against strong opposition (HKIS, SASPD and SASPX) during the round robin, WAB began day 3 playing in the 1st vs 4th semi-final. Despite immense tenacity, the girls went down 15-5, putting them into the 3rd vs 4th play-off later in the day, and an overall 4th place at the end of the tournament.

There was much to celebrate throughout the 3 days of rugby, including

  • Maggie's awesome work rate and skillful ability to turn defense into attack, resulting in a great try in the opening game
  • Agnes' growing ability to read play and keep spirits up with her positive encouragement on the field
  • Ros stepping up as the last line of defense, and taking opportunities to score tries at crucial moments
  • Simona, Sophia and Kalista's relentless tackling!
  • Rebeca's strong leadership, reliability and significant impact, both on attack and defense
  • The determination of the team shown during 20+ phases of play, which lead to a well-deserved try, scored by Amelia
  • The entire team's belief in each other and willingness to give their all for their teammates

It was a real pleasure to watch the growth of each and every player, both on and beyond the field, this season. Congratulations, girls – we are immensely proud of you all.

The voice of the players:

"This is my first year of rugby, and it's truly been a season to remember. I've learnt so much about not only the game itself, but about my teammates, teamwork, and perseverance. I'm so thankful for my coaches and all the returning players for welcoming me into this entirely new sport the way that they did. Getting to play at APAC with my friends was lots of fun, but being able to win and lose together as a team is what really made this season so special. Hopefully, we've inspired more girls to join the WAB rugby team this year - I can't wait for next year!"

Simona Grade 11

"Rugby has become my favorite sport; it's an aggressive, contact sport, but through this you can make instant friends, because you both shed blood, and sweat and tears together on the field. Some of my best friends came from rugby, and the connections I've made with the team is like a rugby family. I joined 3 years ago clueless about what rugby was and, this year, became captain. I've acquired leadership, and communication skills that will help me in the future for college and beyond. I am really grateful to the coaches for teaching me so much, and my friends that I had so much fun with! I hope more girls join and have a great experience like I did. I will be sure to watch next year's girls' rugby team through the livestream and cheer the team on."

Rebeca Grade 12