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Varsity Girls Volleyball Bring Home the APAC Championship -- DOUBLE Champ with Varsity Boys Volleyball
Varsity Girls Volleyball Bring Home the APAC Championship -- DOUBLE Champ with Varsity Boys Volleyball

Every great journey has a great story and some start years before it actually happens. Many mentors and players have worked with these girls including friends families teachers and alumni! There are just too many to thank!

If we pick up the story from this year we started the season with fresh new faces but a common goal to do well and do our best to achieve goals. The girls worked extremely hard juggling applications, work outs practices, home work and SATs. But I believe they grew through those times! The team had highs and it had its lows, and where we thought we took one step forward then two steps back. We won some great matches and then would played...wellll with a lot of room for improvement... and even at the APAC tournament the girls grew immensely as a team.

1. we had the craziest schedule: first game in the morning and last game at night day 1, day 2 second game in the morning and last game at night. Day 3 first game in the morning, and well ... last game (for girls).

Second the girls struggled in the round robins placing them in a 3 way tie which saw them ranked 5/6 which meant we needed to win 1 to get into the semis with rank 1 who were undefeated in the round robins. While the girls continued to find their stride they beat their quarter final opponents, then their semi final opponents in a crazy 5 set battle. Even in the 5th set they were down 10-13, holding firm they ran a 5 point streak to take the game!

They finally realized how good they were, and just decided to take the long hard road to win the CHAMPIONSHIP! Super proud of all the players this year!

Sunnie who's awesome personality and spirit pushed us in practice and games never complaining! Our newest member Alex who pushed herself every play she was in and every practice(those crazy feet!). Our super fresshie Molly Ball made it impossible for other teams to get their attack going and then would return boomers back at them! And if they got burned once they'd get byrned twice with boomers from the other side from Eliza, one of the leaders of our team stepping up and getting the team riled up! Sarah the silent ninja who surprise opponents with attacks from the middle and blocking almost guy like hits!...[偷笑]. Jemma one of our seniors who this time last year struggled to put served over the net to averaging 8 aces a game, and blocking out big right side attacks then taking out opponents middle attacks.. oh did I mention she's only played 1.5 years! Our unpredictable Swaan whose random attacks would confuse the even our coaches, played a crazy great apac tournament. And to finish off our middles we had flat foot Iris who crushes hits from the middle when she even has fevers! Haha in her first year in varsity she played hard for her teammates. Service acer Melody sent many super attacks from the outside and sometimes even better on the right side, she finally did an amazing roll fake in the finals! Sofia shook off the mid season nerves and excelled in apac giving out consistent attacks and serves supporting her teammates in every battle! Victoria was a great voice for our girls in apac giving perhaps one of the best motivational speeches ever! With some solid service and setting ability She worked hard to improve her skill and I can't wait to see how she will continue as a player! Jin, who I jailed in 5th grade for being a disturbance in elementary volleyball put up some beautiful defensive balls and free balls for our setter to work with. Her sacrifice and dedication as a leader to the program and her teammates is awesome! Chloe our strong silent type was our stabilizer. She gave our attackers the consistent sets from any pass, she Worked hard in and out of season and hs been our apac athlete for 4 years! To my seniors, thank you so much for all your trust and hard work! To my younger players I look forward to seeing develop and grow and lead the program forward! Congratulations to all athletes! Much love!