Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2

Season Starts: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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3:30pm-5:30pmTiger L'air
Wednesday3:30pm-5:30pmTiger L'air
Tiger L'air
Saturday9:00am-11:00pmHS Gym

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Team Opponent Date Time Location Details Result Score Recap Status
Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2
ISAC U.19 Girls Div. 4 Basketball Tournament
BWYA Details


Team Opponent Date Time Location Details Result Score Recap Status
Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2
WAB Details Loss 14-38

In their first game of the season, the JV2 Girls matched up against the top group of players from the MS Girls pool of basketball players. The skills and aggressive style of the MS team proved too much for the young and relatively inexperienced JV2 group, but despite this the girls refused to give up and fought hard right to the final buzzer.

Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2 vs.
HS Gym Details Loss 11-28

The team's second match of the season saw them match up against the Wolves from BWYA, one of the teams against whom they'll match up again in the end-of-season ISAC tournament. At the opening tip-off, WAB started strong by getting out to an early lead and looked very solid on the defensive end early on. As the game moved on, BWYA began to break down the offensive motion of the WAB girls and after a series of fast breaks and strong rebounding took the lead before the end of the first half and never looked back. Again, the JV2 squad continued to fight hard and made some competent adjustments to the BWYA pressure at different times, but in the end the Wolves' forceful style of play combined with the Tigers' shooting woes were too much to overcome.

Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2 vs.
Tiger L'air Details Loss 10-19

In their latest effort on the court, the JV2 girls took on the visiting team from Keystone Academy in what proved to be their closest and most competitive contest so far. The two teams were very evenly matched and stayed within lead-changing striking distance of each other through all of the first 3 quarters. At that point, the WAB team seemed to have the flow of the game under control despite only holding a 2-point advantage when suddenly a 3-point range buzzer beater from Keystone which ended Quarter 3 gave the visitors the lead for good. With the wind taken out of their sails a little bit and a bit of fatigue setting in, the Tigers were unable to score in the final quarter as the very deep bench of Keystone made a few more baskets to end the match.

With the winter vacation ahead, the Tigers will have time to rest and recuperate before coming back to take on cross-town rivals BCIS in their next match on January 10th.

Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2 vs.
HS Gym Details Win 30-16

Fresh out of holidays, and with only 1 practice session under their belts, the JV2 girls jumped into the gym against the BCIS Warriors. Right from the opening tip-off, they looked much more poised and confident than in their earlier matches and these traits allowed them to jump out to a large, early lead. They played strong defense throughout to keep the opposition's scoring chances down, and at the other end of the floor they moved the ball quickly and communicated well to increase their own scoring chances. Overall, it was an excellent showing at an excellent time of the season - at the start of the final run-up to the ISAC tournament!

Next up: Harrow Beijing on Monday...

Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity 2 vs.
HS Gym Details Loss 10-40

In the team's final game before the end-of-season ISAC tournament, the JV2 girls took on Harrow Beijing's Varsity team (after they had to pull out their lower teams from competition). The Tigers played a reasonably strong first 1/2, holding their stronger and more accomplished varsity opponents to only 8 points in each of the first 2 quarters. On the offensive side of the game, however, the team struggled to find open spots of the floor and get good shots at the basket - something which proved true for much of the game. Despite the lop-sided loss, the Tigers kept their heads up and fought hard all game long, taking an impressive effort and attitude with them off the floor and into the rest of their week - a strong place to be in right before heading to BWYA for a series of ISAC league re-matches at the final tournament.